Monday, April 30, 2007

Resilience Part 2

If you are one who looks at students with behavior problems through the lens of resilience (instead of the lens of annoyance), this is what you will see:

1. Even the most difficult student has the ability to endure and even learn from crisis & trauma.

2. The goal is to assist the student in creating a strong internal sense of being a “functional” person despite outside pressures.

3. There is a great need for supportive people who tell students the truth in a proactive (not punitive, assaultive or abrasive) manner.

4. The believe that it’s never too late for anyone to heal & grow.

Once you view students through this lens, you will have eliminated all excuses. No longer will your effort and attention not be enough. You have now empowered yourself to be an advocate and teacher for all students, of all backgrounds, ability levels, cultures and ages. Now you can teach & reach them all.

To be continued...

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Ruth said...

Hi Sarah --
I'm enjoying your resilience series. You offer so many good points & bring a source of wisdom & love to working with kids. Thanks for sharing so openly.